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Email to Simon Tapley, Interim System Chief Executive


Wednesday 24 July 2019


From: lynn gunnigle

Date: 24/07/2019 16:48 (GMT+00:00)


Subject: Failure to consult with the residents of Dartmouth and surrounding area and the forced privatization of our services.

Dear Mr Tapley

I am writing to you on behalf of the residents of Dartmouth and the surrounding area as you failed to keep the promise made in June 2018 to return with Liz Davenport within 14 days to consult with the residents, after your first attempt to privatize our health care provision failed.

1. Would you please explain why you failed to consult the residents of Dartmouth with your new plan as you promised in June 2018?

2. Would you please explain why you are willing to spend £12 million plus (£7 million rent you failed to mention in today's press release) on building and renting a so-called Health Hub providing a local NHS profiteering charity cafe, retail units and your own pharmacy, as opposed to less than £2 million on refurbishing our much needed and much loved historic hospital: rent equals £0.00? We need an explanation as to how this is considered value for money.

3. Would you please explain how having no beds, MIU and all the other services lost is in our best interests for a modern health provision in Dartmouth?

4. Would you please explain why you spent £40,000 building a wall in our clinic when we have a perfectly good Physiotherapy dept sitting empty 200 yards away? How is that value for money?

5. Would you please explain why you own a £26 million company in Paignton and why no tax is paid from the profits of that business and where exactly the profits from your pharmaceutical factory in Paignton actually go. Also please explain why you are in the business of providing products to Saudi Arabia using NHS money?

6. Would you tell us how much NHS funds are set aside for healthcare provision in our area yearly and where that money is being spent?

7. Would you please explain why only PROFITEERS are invited to decision making meetings and consultancies and the residents are being ignored?

8. Would you please explain why the profitmakers are referred to as stakeholders when we, the British public and every person who ever paid national health contributions, are the REAL STAKEHOLDERS the other groups are profiteers?

9. Would you explain why you have set up a meeting in Dartmouth for August 2019 when according to your press release today its all been decided without our input, which I believe is against the law?

10. Would you please explain why we should believe a word you say when the Trust and CCG have blatantly broken their last written promise?

11. Would you please explain why Leslie Darke is Director of your pharmacy and pushing to force your pharmacy onto us when we already have TWO pharmacies in Dartmouth and have no need for a third?

12. Would you please explain why you have failed to acknowledge the live charge relating to our Hospital building deeds which states the Hospital must be used in perpetuity for the people of Dartmouth and Kingswear and surrounding area?

13. Would you please explain why you have instructed our GP surgery to change the method of reordering prescriptions causing many problems with repeats, as the prescription phone line is only open 10 hours a week and is constantly engage? Can you confirm this is to do with Leslie Darke's wish to privatize our prescription services against our will for the benefit of your own pharmacy profits?

14. Would you acknowledge that a third pharmacy is unnecessary and will result in job losses and even the loss of our existing chemists?

15. Would you please explain why Dartmouth Caring, a profit-making so-called Charity, have been consulted and allowed input when the residents have not been given the same opportunity?

16. Will you acknowledge the 1,333 signatures we have collected demanding the refurbishing, reopening and reinstating of our NHS services in our Hospital and the 45 feedbacks telling individual stories of problems accessing healthcare and would you meet with me to hand over these PROPER CONSULTATION RESULTS for you to consider?

17.Would you please explain why our hospital was not reopened once the deal with Riverview failed and you had no other option to offer?

18. Would you please tell us what plans are being made for the clinic building, we were told it was for sale? Why would money be spent on a building if it is indeed being sold? Is it being prepared for another profiteer to benefit from public funds? How is this value for money?

19. Could you give me an example of a brand new purpose built hub in Devon, we have contact with many communities who were also lied to, NONE HAVE GOT A PURPOSE BUILT HUB despite them all being promised one?

20. Could you explain why it is in our best health interest to spend 6 hours on public transport return trip for MIU in Torbay?

21. Could you explain how closing community and cottage hospitals improves our healthcare provision as it only appears to make the services in existing hospitals worse?

22. Can you confirm that Torbay Hospital is failing and that the pressures have increased since you closed all the rural provision especially relating to beds?

23. Would you confirm that Torbay Hospital is being closed in the next 5 years?

24. Would you please explain why 999 call responses are four to six times the average waiting times and why we should except that risk?

25. Would you agree that the £100 million taken in wages by the top 600 Trust and CCG staffs in wages every year would be better spent providing healthcare than personal grossly inflated wages for the few?

26. Would you explain why you are claiming services lost are now provided in the clinic when that is NOT the case? We are now literally being told to go to Specsavers (so the hearing clinic and eye clinic services have been privatized against our will). P.S. we don't even have a Specsavers).

27. In 2018 you had a pot of £100 million which you PUBLICLY offered to profiteers, how much of that money has been spent and why has Dartmouth Hospital not benefitted from that massive pot when you stripped our services and left us abandoned?

28. Since then another £40 million has become available so I ask again where is OUR SHARE OF THAT MONEY?

29. What would you say to our many elderly people who have paid their dues all their working lives just to find themselves on cold pavements for up to 8 hours waiting for ambulances?

30. What do you have to say about the ever increasing hospital readmissions happening to the residents of Dartmouth and area who are being discharged too early because of the extra pressures YOU AND YOUR TEAM CREATED on the main hospitals? This is poor practice with poor outcomes that costs more than if the care was appropriate in the first instance?

31. When will you come and speak to the residents of Dartmouth as promised when you left here last year?

32. Will you acknowledge that all these things have happened under the instructions of the government in an obvious theft of OUR NHS and that you are happy to keep denying you are privatizing our health care provision whilst doing just that and you are happy for millions of people's dues paid to end up in off shore accounts abroad instead of providing the care needs of the community?

33. Will you acknowledge that we have been left at risk by your decisions despite you knowing we had no decent public transport, and the ferry closes at night and on bad weather days and our only other route out of town is often flooded in the winter or blocked by motor accidents?

34. Will you agree that a DARTMOUTH CARING CAFE and your own Pharmacy will do NOTHING to improve the situation.

From Lynn Gunnigle on behalf of the residents of Dartmouth and surrounding area

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